That’s how I feel right now. I keep smashing into trees. But I’m not stopping. I’m keeping at it!

This is rough.

Fever peaked at 102 today! Decided to buy some chisels and carve a face into a tree. Probably finished half of it. Maybe I’ll get back to it tomorrow or just wait for the wood to dry out before I get back to carving.

Cut into my fingers a few times, chisels are REALLY sharp. It’s almost like they were designed to cut things.


Maybe I’ll listen to Bombay Bicycle Club and play Dota until I pass out.

I feel really crummy.
After a walk through the park to clear my head and get some fresh air I got bit by the wrong tick.
Apparently they are filthy little bastards that spread diseases like nobody’s business. I got bit and the next morning I found and removed the tick. It left a really ugly black mark and after a quick visit to the doctor’s office (yay 2 more months of insurance) I was told to take antibiotic cause in the next few days shit is gonna get rough.

It’s been a few days and my body is sore, have a fever, crippling headaches and the damn itchiest ankle either side of the Mason-Dixon line. Loss of appetite wasn’t a symptom but I’ve got that (force feeding yourself every few hours is a sad affair).

Anyone in the north eastern side of the US, be careful of ticks after going in the parks.

Honestly feel like this could kill me.

I can’t honestly say this isn’t a solid way of dealing with things.

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Intense headache, starting a nice fever, all (2) of my suits lost to Air France and I sneezed out my hot tea.

Album just came out. I need to learn how to like happy music.

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Should I do commissioned art?

Feeling a lot better. My throat doesn’t feel locked up constantly.

Still feel like I could puke my brains out, but that’s probably the food. Or candy…